April 2018 – just over 4 months until the off…

Spring seems to be in the air and hopefully the snow has finally gone!  Dad is now increasing his training, seeking to cycle at least 100 miles a week. In March he did 414 miles. On one occasion this involved 30 miles into a head wind with light rain all the way and then a slightly shorter distance home with the wind behind him. It didn’t sound pleasant (understatement) but he’s decided that he will do rides whatever the weather (short of snow!) since on a long ride there will be days when things are really difficult, so it’s good practice.  It reminds me of the saying which was oft quoted in my childhood – ‘it’s good character training’!

The three charities are now beginning to send out leaflets about the proposed ride. A just giving page has also been set up for the medecins san frontier sponsorship:


Meanwhile dad has saved up enough to cover all his accommodation and other expenses (because of course all the sponsor money will go to the charities and not to subsidise his expenses).

All three charities will give dad a list of those who are offering to sponsor him so that he will know who they are (although they will each be dealing with the administration of their appeals).

Dad says a big THANK YOU to all of you who are choosing to sponsor him.


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