May 2018 – lots of training!

Here’s the latest update from Dad – all going well!


Hi, In another week it will be just 3 months till, hopefully, I set out from Land’s End. Since the beginning of February I have cycled more than 1300 miles in training – well over the distance from End to End. In the course of this I have done two rides of 70 miles and one of 85 miles. I seek out hills but none the less Suffolk is not Devon or Scotland!

Having decided after all to book my accommodation ahead I have now planned my itinerary and managed to book at an average of only just over £50 a night, less than I had expected. I have saved up enough now to cover all my expected expenses, none of which of course will come out of the sponsorship.

My new bike which I have only used occasionally is proving itself very satisfactory and all in all I am greatly looking forward to August 18th. If anyone would like to have my itinerary just send me an email and I will send it by reply. Thank you for your interest and support.

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