2 months to go and counting!

I’ve just had an update from dad (see below).  It seems that training is going really well – and he said that he wishes he were due to start next week… I’m not sure if that’s because he’s so looking forward to it or looking forward to it being over!

We’re also waiting to hear back from the Guinness Book of Records which is exciting!  The record for oldest person to cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats is currently held by someone who was 81 years and 162 days when he completed the ride in May 2014… so it’s looking positive for dad who should be 85 and about 21 days and although he may be a bit embarrassed by it, it will help with fundraising for the three great causes. Fundraising is going well.  I’ll give an update from the three charities in the next blog and we can then also start calculating how much he’s raising per mile which will help his motivation…

A final note from me – if anyone wants to know where he will be when, just email dad and he will send you his full itinerary.  If you happen to be close to where he is cycling on any day I’m sure he’d appreciate a chance to meet for a drink and a chat – a bit of company is always welcomed and breaks the loneliness of the long distance cyclist!


So, over to dad…

First a word about my new bike. Someone in my U3A cycle group strongly recommended a shop in Lowestoft, Dunk’s Cycles run by Duncan. He has designed a frame which he has made elsewhere. For me he was able to customise my new bike with just the requirements I had – The kinds of gears, breaks, etc. etc. The result is excellent and I am very pleased with it. Duncan has also kindly promoted my sponsorship with leaflets in his shop, so big thanks to Duncan!

Since the beginning of March I have cycled some 1642 miles in practice including some longish rides of over 60 miles. The longest so far was 85 miles.

Go dad!



3 thoughts on “2 months to go and counting!”

  1. On hearing about Peter’s cycle ride, I searched google for the words – peter langford cycle – and up popped this blog as the first search result. I hope that the training is going well, and that the unusual hot weather isn’t making cycling impossible.


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