Less that 3 weeks to go…

bike tabbardTraining has been going well – in total dad has now done about twice the distance from End to End – about 2300 miles!  I spoke to him last night and he has done far more training this time than five years ago – especially on hills (there aren’t many hills to choose from close to home, some people must wonder why they keep seeing the same man going up and down!).  So, physically he’s in a good place and mentally too, as we all know he is very strong!

His bike has just been serviced and is ready for the off.  We’ve also had a couple of things printed for him to wear while cycling.  He’s looking forward to it very much though with some apprehension of course. He compares it to when he used to row – it was the time before the starting gun for a race that was the anxious time, but once you’re going it’s fine… he’s particularly looking forward to getting through Devon and Cornwall.  It’s so good that Tim will be with him through some of those tough days…

We’re now trying to increase the publicity to help the fundraising.  We have a press release and there is some local (Beccles based) activity going on – an article should be out in the Beccles and Bungay Journal next week.  If you know of a publication that would be interested in the story then please get in touch!

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