Day two complete…

Dad had a lovely evening yesterday – I think the photos show that he (and PK, Hannah, Lydia and Miriam) had a lot of birthday giggles, just what you need after a hard day cycling! and thanks Simon for taking the photos!

Today has gone well – very beautiful, lots of hills at the start and then a stretch along an old railway track (the Camel Trail I think?).  He took this photo en route – arrived in Camelford and then had to retrace his steps as the hotel was out of the village!

Day 2 from dad


Apart from the scenery, the highlight of the day was one of the best sausage rolls he’s ever had, followed by a wonderful donut!  Who needs nutritional advice?!

Tonight my brother Paul (plus Veronica and Katherine) will be with him, which is lovely.  He will then set off early tomorrow for the start of the toughest day of the whole ride – 65 miles, and apparently most of it feels uphill… he will be relieved when it’s over and would appreciate prayers and positive wishes.

Thanks for your support,


One thought on “Day two complete…”

  1. So very pleased all is going so well am following the journey with great interest,God bless to you all love Lilianxx


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