Toughest day over!

Dad had a lovely evening last night in Camelford with Paul, Veronica and Katherine – you can see he was deep in conversation – talking about the church in Ironbridge…

As expected today was REALLY hard going, especially the last 10 miles.  He’s safely there, but very tired and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.  I had thought that tomorrow was an easier day – but I’m wrong… it’s another 65 mile day…  One thing that brightened his day was meeting up with 2 fellow Land’s End to John O’Groats cyclists who took this photo on Bodmin Moor.  They’re doing the fast lane version, planning to complete in 13 days…

We’ve also just found out that an 86 year old is now on the trail having set off from Land’s End today… thanks to Bronwyn and Jonathan for forwarding this clip about Laurence.  Good luck to him, perhaps the two Octogenarians will meet en route!


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