Got a bit lost…a total of 74 miles for the day, but at least it was flat!

Dad’s had another long day, beautiful scenery but a few wrong turns which ended up adding nearly 10 miles to the total distance!

A highlight for the day was having lunch with my cousin Richard, his wife Valerie and their son Daniel in Taunton… Good to see dad smiling and looking so relaxed!

Dad with R and V day 4


Richard then helped him find the way out of Taunton on the canal path – it was a bit slow and tricky in places – especially when it came to going over bridges.  Dad opted to get off the bike and push as he had visions of ending up in the canal!

He was in good form when I spoke to him just now – and tomorrow is the easier day at about 37 miles as he heads into Bristol.  He’s very relieved to leave the hills behind him for now!

4 thoughts on “Got a bit lost…a total of 74 miles for the day, but at least it was flat!”

  1. So sorry not to have joined you whilst you rode through Mid Somerset. My plans were scuppered by the arrival of my 4th grandchild!! We had her sister staying with us for a few days, so when baby arrived early it meant us driving to Derby to unite the family.
    Pleased you had some company though.
    Well done on facing the challenge and I wish every success.
    Kind regards
    David Thomas
    Sustrans Volunteer Ranger Mid Somerset Group


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