From Bristol to Gloucester, a lovely day!


Dad has had a lovely day today – 51 miles done, and a total of 325, so at least a quarter of the way!

Before talking about his day he wants me to pass on his huge thanks to the riders from Sustrans who have been with him over the last two days – so thanks to Adam, Paul, Terry and Rupert.  It has been a massive help being shown the way to get in and out of the City (Bristol) – it’s so easy to get lost, so the local knowledge (and the company) was really appreciated.

For those who don’t know (thanks for the question Mary!) – Sustrans is a charity that is dedicated to making it easier for people to cycle and walk safely around the UK.  They get involved in a wide variety of things including the National Cycle Network (the signs with a bicycle and number that you sometimes see).  For more information do look at their website:  They have been very supportive of Dad’s ride and shown a lot of interest.


Part of today’s route was along a canal that was built in the early 19th Century – at the time it was the widest, deepest canal in the world – taking freight all the way in-land to Gloucester.  Dad’s friend Ian Cristol was with him again today (and tomorrow), and at one point they stopped by the canal to enjoy an ice cream – sounds good!

Tomorrow is a deliberately easy ride of 32 miles from Gloucester to Worcester.  They plan to spend time in Tewkesbury visiting the Abbey.  Dad’s uncle was the organist there for many years, so he is especially fond of the Abbey (and finds it one of the most beautiful).  So I’m sure there will be more about that tomorrow!


Thanks all.



One thought on “From Bristol to Gloucester, a lovely day!”

  1. Peter we have been off-line for 5 days and are all the more sorry not being able to see you at Gloucester as you past our way, especially as you appear in the pictures to be thriving on the challenge in which you are engaged. Sally and I are really encouraged to see how are getting on, praying for you daily, and looking forward to hearing the reports on your continuing journey- Sally and Charles


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