Day 8 – beautiful canals

The day started with a live interview on radio Norfolk, talking about the ride to DJ Anna Perrot… they are hoping to have another interview when the ride is finished.

Dad and Ian then set off on the journey from Worcester to Ironbridge, with some beautiful scenery along the canals

The distance was 55 miles, but it was tougher than expected and much slower as some of the tracks were difficult to cycle on and they had to keep getting off the bikes to get round bridges or to pass people.


They got a bit wet in some rain, but hopefully there will be a chance for everything to dry tomorrow – a rest day for dad and goodbye to Ian who has provided great company for the last 3 days.  A rest day should be a good chance for the legs to recover a bit…

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – beautiful canals”

  1. Managed to play the Radio Norfolk interview over the church speaker system at St Michael’s this morning. Came across really well on the radio. Hope the ride continues to go well


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