Day 11 – all’s well :)

Dad’s had a good day – the distance was bang on 50 miles and not too hilly, which is always a bonus! He also managed to follow the route he’s marked without getting lost (although he had to keep stopping to check he was on the right roads).

He stopped off in a layby café for a bacon butty and two pots of tea (keeping hydrated!).  The woman running the place was really interested in his trip, took a leaflet to put up and wouldn’t take any money for his refreshments which was lovely.  He did take a photo so he could repay her with some advertising, but unfortunately it didn’t come out!  However, there are two other great photos from today…

Some of you have also asked about my brother Tim.  Tim was planning to join dad for a few days from Truro to help dad through the tough hills of the South West.  They were both looking forward to a shared adventure, challenge and time together.  However, the week before they set out Tim broke his leg while training which was a huge disappointment for both of them.  I’m pleased to say that he’s making a good recovery – still on crutches and unable to drive.  He’s ended up with a very different type of challenge – having to be much far more sedentary than he is used to…  so perhaps the two of them will think up a different adventure to share?

Dad is staying with a friend tonight near Bolton and then up to Clitheroe tomorrow.

Many thanks for all the messages of support.

3 thoughts on “Day 11 – all’s well :)”

  1. Hi Peter, good luck with your challenge, i heard about it from Adam Jukes and have enjoyed reading of your progress so far and will continue to follow, kind regards Mark Griffin


  2. Thanks for the mention Maggi,

    Yes, it has been a bitter disappointment to not be able to cycle with Dad through Devon, but there has certainly been learning too. Dad is an inspiration in his fitness and so much else about his life and passion – go for it Dad, we love you


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