On the road again – Ironbridge to Nantwich…

Dad’s had a generally good day – he felt the benefit of the stretches, warm-ups and additional hydration, as his legs weren’t as weary towards the end of the day’s cycling which is good news.  He’s been on some beautiful tracks – but after all the rain, some of them were quite muddy…

He had a few difficult experiences – and seems to have got lost a bit… struggling to get out of Ironbridge (including a big hill he cycled up and then had to turn around and come down again…).  He found the 55 Sustrans route he was looking for, but then ended up staying on it when he should have picked up a different route.  Consequently he ended up lost and off the map that he had with him…   He got some help and got back on track but ended up doing 62 miles instead of the 55 he expected.

He’s safely arrived at his accommodation (Premier Inn tonight) and the woman was very helpful with booking him a table at the nearby restaurant.

Tomorrow sees him head up to Bolton – he may take larger roads to avoid the navigational challenges of small lanes!  It’s interesting to look again at the map  and see how far he’s got – 481 miles already.  Well done Dad!

(For info: Ironbridge is West of Wolverhampton and Nantwich is a little bit South West of Crewe) england_map

3 thoughts on “On the road again – Ironbridge to Nantwich…”

  1. Well done Peter. I’m following your progress with interest. When you do it again to celebrate your 90th perhaps we might have a whip round to buy you a GPS so you can eliminate the extra mileage!!


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