Half way there and a lovely day!

First of all a photo from yesterday showing the lovely scenery (hills instead of canals!)

day 12.1

There are also some photos of dad setting off – thanks to Matthew and Helena Lewis for their hospitality and photography!  As dad was leaving, the comments was, ‘see you on your 90th…’, dad’s reply? ‘no you won’t!’  I think that despite his amazing fitness and determination he’s realising that he is pushing himself to the edge of his endurance.  It’s amazing how he keeps going.


…but he described today as a lovely and beautiful day.  There have been some huge climbs as he’s ridden to the top of the moors and over different passes.  It’s meant a lot of pushing his bike – at one point it took him 2 hours to go 7 miles… and on his way down he realised how incredibly steep some of it is, you need good brakes!  Interestingly although he found the hills of the South West endless and somewhat depressing, he finds the North West hills much more enjoyable.  And today he even managed to take a nap by a babbling brook!

He’s looked again at the route for tomorrow and decided to make it as easy as he can for himself (if anything is easy in this trip!).  He’s going to take a slightly shorter route on A roads, which will be more direct and much easier to navigate.

He had a lovely surprise tonight when he arrived at his accommodation in Sedburgh – his niece and her husband – Jeanette and Laurie Hawkes were there to greet him, so good company is on the menu for tonight!

Tomorrow I’ve been warned that it’s a long climb out of Sedburgh as he heads to Carlisle, and a day of rest before Scotland!  Good luck dad!

7 thoughts on “Half way there and a lovely day!”

    1. vous êtes magnifiques dans ce projet extraordinaire de voyage à traverser à vélo la Grande Bretagne.BRAVO !!! on attend de lire ton roadbook et regarder les photos
      Cher Peter , es tu dans ton programme avec l’arrivée à John o Groat le 12 septembre ?
      ciao ciao Pietro 😉


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