Day 14 – 53 miles and in Carlisle

Dad had a lovely evening with Jeanette and Laurie who were there to see him off in the morning – I really like this set of photos – going, going, gone!  Thanks to Alison and Steve at Summerhill guest house for their hospitality!

As mentioned yesterday, dad decided to keep to the shorter and more straight forward route  – still very hilly (especially the first 18 miles, some of which was very high).  This was a good choice as it reduced his mileage to 53 miles (he thought it would be more like 65), and made it quicker as he didn’t need to keep stopping and checking the map… total mileage now 657.

Jeanette and Laurie caught up with dad again in Shap – and shared some welcome refreshments…
Day 14.1He’s now safely arrived in Carlisle, staying with an old school friend and having a day of rest tomorrow.  When I spoke with him he was about to have a relaxing bath…

So, tomorrow will be a quiet day (there may not be a blog entry), and then on Sunday he heads into Scotland.  There has been a huge amount of support from Sustrans in Scotland and dad is likely to have company on several of his days which is fantastic – thanks to all (especially Laura White who has been helping to coordinate the offers of company and help).

I’ve also seen today on twitter that an amazing 87 year old, Donald Wells has just completed the ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats – fantastic!  He took just over 5 weeks and did it on a folding bike!  ( visit if you want to find out more about Donald’s journey).  I think dad would agree with him that it’s incredibly tough, especially doing it as an unsupported ride.

There are some amazing octogenarians out there – wouldn’t it be great to help them all get together to talk about their experiences?

4 thoughts on “Day 14 – 53 miles and in Carlisle”

  1. Lovely to meet Peter in the café at Shap this morning, along with his niece and her husband. We were most impressed by Peter’s positive attitude, fortitude and good humour and would like to wish him all the best. We followed a similar route a few years ago when we cycled ‘Lejog’ and greatly enjoyed it, both at the time and in retrospect! All the very best to Peter.

    Sue, Janet and Tony from the ‘Penrith Peloton’.


  2. I met Peter lunchtime on Friday 31 August as he was about to go into a chippy !

    He is to be admired greatly for his determination. I, a youngster of nearly 72 am also riding LEJOG but in easy stages but doing 50 -70 miles a day. As I cycled the section through Sutherland back in June I thought “this is great, the best thing I have ever done “.

    Good luck Peter


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