Gorgeous Glasgow!

Dad had a great night in Moffat – a very welcoming host at the B and B (Dell-Mar).  A really tough day today – 66 miles, 10 hours in the saddle and rain most of the time, but looking on the bright side, at least not of it was too steep!  Dad had to don waterproof trousers for the first time this trip and everything (including his maps) ended up really wet… but he survived and has now done a grand total of 770 miles, amazing!

He was really helped today by three Sustrans volunteers – they met him in Larkhall and took him via some lovely country routes along the Clyde,  into Glasgow and on to where he is staying tonight, with friends John and Margaret Gerrard.  A number of photos were taken and I’ll post them up tomorrow so you can see how he’s getting on.  BIG thanks to Peter Kane and the other Sustrans volunteers.

When I spoke with dad he was looking forward to a bath, a relaxing evening, and a later start tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a shorter cycling distance, and he will have a chance to do something on the way – but more of that tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Gorgeous Glasgow!”

  1. You are amazing and I too will miss reading about your journey when you reach John o Groats,but mind you I am sitting in comfort as I share your journey,God bless and keep you safe.love Lilian!!!!


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