18 days, 795 miles, gallons of tea, countless new friends and only 8days to go!

A more leisurely start today and dad was joined by another Sustrans volunteer, Alasdair Macdonald who took him on a beautiful route out of Glasgow (so much easier being shown the way!)  They stopped for a lovely visit to a nearby community project – Dunbarton Road Corridor Environmental Trust, who are involved in

day 18.2
delivering a range of environmental projects and services across the west of Glasgow and beyond – including supporting the wellbeing and resilience of local people and communities.  If you want to find out more do visit their site at https://dumbartonroad.wordpress.com/

The sun was shining as Dad and Alasdair continued on to Balloch, a really easy day (only 20 miles) and all very beautiful.  Dad is now at the edge of Loch Lomond.  Big thanks to all from Sustrans and Cycling Lanarkshire for their help and support.

Tomorrow looks like being more challenging, with some hills to climb, but the end is (nearly) in sight.

We also saw Jeanette and Laurie yesterday and they gave us some extra photos from their time with dad last Thursday.  There are some great photos, a bit out of sequence with his ride, but so good that they must be shared – enjoy!

here he comes…
Getting closer…
…and he’s off



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