More beautiful scenery…

Day 20 complete!

It’s been another good day – dad set out early from Calender and despite adding a couple of miles on after a wrong turn, the day was just 28 miles, so quite leisurely (total of 855).  He arrived in Killin by about 1.30, so he’s feeling well rested (there are a few longer days planned before he finishes).  He’s really enjoying this section of Scotland, the scenery is amazing, the distances are quite manageable and on the whole the weather has been good.  Although there was some rain later today – but he didn’t get too badly caught!

day 20.2

A lot of today’s ride has been along a disused railway – which as well as being lovely and a good surface has the advantage of being relatively flat!  There were a couple of steep climbs, but not too bad and the track was good so it was OK.

He has taken some photos of the scenery, but unfortunately I think there must have been a problem with mobile signal as they’ve not come through.  So here’s  a photo of Killin from the internet – to give us all an idea of how stunning it is.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATomorrow he has some more Sustrans volunteers with him as he heads along Loch Tay and on to Pitlochry.  Thanks to all!

Things have been going really well on the fundraising – we got an email from justgiving to say we were in the top 1% of fundraisers in August – so a huge thanks to everyone for their generosity. The total for Medecins Sans Frontieres is now at £9486!

4 thoughts on “More beautiful scenery…”

  1. Peter you are amazing how you have kept going all this way, just a few more days and you are there and so many records broken by my old friend who used to cycle round East Ham 57 years ago. You kept up, I did not and marvel at what are doing now. Praying for you every day – Charles


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