21 days down, 5 to go… Pitlochry

Dad set out from Killin to meet Liz and Douglas (Sustrans volunteers) at Kenmore – about 16 miles along Loch Tay from Killin.  However, the route was far hillier than he expected and therefore much slower.  He also stopped off to visit the fascinating Crannog centre on the Loch, not realising that there was a problem with phone numbers… so it took longer than expected to all meet up – thanks to everyone for their patience!  Special thanks go to Ellie, from Beyond Adventures ( http://www.beyondadventure.co.uk/) who went above and beyond, driving round the loch in her van to help find dad!

Dad really enjoyed the Crannog centre – it is a reconstruction of an ancient Loch dwelling from 2500 years ago! (see http://www.crannog.co.uk/ for more info).  It sounds as if there was lots of information and demonstrations of what life was like – dad found out more about making fire, making flour and turning wood – plus he got some lovely photos!


They had a lovely ride together (as well as stopping for refreshments!) and met another Sustrans volunteer Evelyn at Dull.  She then accompanied dad up to Pitlochry.  He’s in the Youth Hostel there tonight – feeling a bit tired and aware that tomorrow is a longer day – 40 miles today and about 60 tomorrow.  He knows there will be a couple of climbs, but he’s hoping they want be too bad…

Many thanks to the amazing volunteers at Sustrans, your company and support is really fantastic!  Here are some photos with Liz, Douglas and Evelyn (I’m afraid I’m not sure who is who!)








One thought on “21 days down, 5 to go… Pitlochry”

  1. Peter amazing continues to be – Charles Parry the word for how you are doing, nearly there we pray for you through these last 3 days. Looks like weather will be wet but that you will have a following wind which should be quite a help


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