Breaking the 1000 mile barrier!

Dad’s had an OK day, and he’s now done a grand total of 1007 miles – fantastic!!

Despite rain overnight it was mostly dry and not too hilly – although there was one high pass that he went over.  Parts of it were tough going… there’s a long bridge across the Beauly Firth and there was a very strong side wind (fortunately bikes and pedestrians had their own section).  After that as he headed further from Inverness towards Dingwall (where he is tonight), there was a strong head wind – so the last 12 miles were a bit of a slog.  He also had trouble finding the b&b for tonight – but he found a very helpful woman who gave him the directions.  He stopped in Inverness for some food to eat tonight, plus a paper, so he’s looking forward to getting in his room and relaxing!

As well as cycling 50 miles he’s also been on more of an historical tour… he stopped at the Culloden museum and also passed the Clava Cairn, so stopped and had a look at the bronze age circular tombs.

day 23.3.jpg…and he’s been keeping an eye out for nature.  Having mentioned the red squirrels yesterday, he saw a polecat today (unfortunately dead at the side of the road, but he says it still counts as having seen one!).  But here’s a cute live one to look at!

2 thoughts on “Breaking the 1000 mile barrier!”

  1. Fantastic milestone achievement ……some elderly people don’t even do that mileage in a year in their car let along on a bike. Your mind set is inspirational to us all….. its been great seeing the uk through your eyes on this trip. who knows how many will be inspired to do the trip too in their futures.


  2. Congratulations on breaking the thousand mile barrier! I am pleased to read that you are also enjoying the wildlife, the scenery and the history Mens sana in corpore sana!!


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