Staying at the Crask Inn another 50 miles closer

After a lot of rain overnight, dad was fearing a cold, wet day… but as he was about to set off he saw a stunning rainbow, which got things off to a great start!

It’s been a beautiful day with amazing scenery and only a few showers (although it’s certainly getting colder as he heads further north!).  He cycled up over another pass and various hills as he headed across from Dingwall to Bonar Bridge and then North up to the Crask Inn.  He’s been travelling on A roads today as it made it shorter than the Sustrans route – but these are A roads with a difference… single track and even with the bike he had to get into a passing place if a car came!

Along the route today he met someone who’s walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats in aid of a cystic fibrosis charity.  They took a selfie together – so if I get a copy I will post it with some other information!

Tonight dad is staying at the Crask Inn, which sounds quite a special place – the website is worth a look if you’re interested… (  it’s probably the most remote Inn in the UK, and unusually it’s owned by the Church (the Scottish Episcopal Church).  As well as food, accommodation and the pub, they also hold daily services!




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