So nearly there!

Paul and I have arrived in Strathy! We’re now sat with dad composing this entry…

Dad really enjoyed his stay at the Crask Inn – a lovely place!

Dad’s cycle ride today was the most enjoyable that he’s had the whole trip.  It was easier going than he thought and through beautiful but desolate countryside.  At one point he stopped, lay down and had a snooze in the entrance to a farm track.  The first real climb was up to Bettyhill and he stopped for about an hour for a slow lunch – bacon butty with tea, followed by coffee and a scone!  The westerly wind was a big help!

The last 10 miles were a bit more challenging – as dad continued to Strathy he was getting glimpses of the coast.  He arrived at about 4.00, rested and then was rudely interrupted by the arrival of some noisy visitors!  He’s done an extra 41 miles today, bringing the total to 1100!


day 25.2


Travelling up here reminded me of something some of you may recall.  Dad loves Scotland and about 15 years ago some of us received a letter from mum and dad with news of their retirements plans.  The letter informed us that they had bought a Scottish bothy and were planning to move up to a remote area and live a simple life with mum spinning wool and growing vegetables.  A little surprising perhaps and the letter gradually became more eccentric with details such as the recycled tea bags hanging out to dry so they could be re-used.  It took some people a while to notice the date.  April 1st.

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