The final miles!

It was lovely for Paul and I to be with dad at breakfast and to wave him off (see the photos from this morning’s post).  Paul and I then visited the beautiful Strathy beach – it was cold, a bit wet and very windy, but there must be some strong adventure genes in the family as Paul went swimming (although not for long!)

We then caught up with dad in Thurso for a quick cuppa and look at the route:

– and agreed to meet for lunch at The Castle of Mey (owned and renovated by the Queen Mother) – the route passes by the gates, so dad’s passed it twice before and never gone in.  It was a lovely visit and worth the extra 3 miles it added for dad (it was a very long drive!).

Dad then headed on to John O’Groats, Paul and I left a few minutes after dad, but he had already covered a big distance… and then, 7 miles later he arrived in John O’Groats – amazing!  The stopping point from an epic trip.  A total of 1147 miles, 26 days, lots of new friendships, lots of hills and (as we worked out last night) 850 000 revolutions of his wheels!
day 26.18



day 26.1

We’re now in the hotel – dad has sorted his bike for the courier to take back to Suffolk, so it’s a bit of relaxing time.  I’ve just asked how he’s feeling ‘delighted, relieved and grateful’ was the response.  You’d think he’d be feeling tired too!

He’s also delighted with having raised so much money for charity – it was a big help on some of those hills, knowing that every mile counted.

We won’t do an update tomorrow, but will post on Friday and will then let you know how much we think he has raised.

12 thoughts on “The final miles!”

  1. Bravo Peter! On behalf of the Seaton clan, may I be the first to congratulate you on your amazing achievement! Have been following the blog with keen interest. You must be feeling exhilarated and your family very, very proud. Hope you make it home safely – and the bike too!


  2. Congratulations Peter on amazing ride. It 5 years ago that we were riding with you doing LEJOG and to think you have completed it again is just an amazing effort.


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