Some photos from yesterday

Here are some great photos from yesterday – many thanks to Peter Kane, Claire Brady, George Park and Dennis Walker.  It does look very wet! I love the arriving in Glasgow picture – and it’s good to see that they also managed time for a break!


Apparently dad was on good form and is still keeping up a good pace despite panniers, the miles already done and of course his age!


Gorgeous Glasgow!

Dad had a great night in Moffat – a very welcoming host at the B and B (Dell-Mar).  A really tough day today – 66 miles, 10 hours in the saddle and rain most of the time, but looking on the bright side, at least not of it was too steep!  Dad had to don waterproof trousers for the first time this trip and everything (including his maps) ended up really wet… but he survived and has now done a grand total of 770 miles, amazing!

He was really helped today by three Sustrans volunteers – they met him in Larkhall and took him via some lovely country routes along the Clyde,  into Glasgow and on to where he is staying tonight, with friends John and Margaret Gerrard.  A number of photos were taken and I’ll post them up tomorrow so you can see how he’s getting on.  BIG thanks to Peter Kane and the other Sustrans volunteers.

When I spoke with dad he was looking forward to a bath, a relaxing evening, and a later start tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a shorter cycling distance, and he will have a chance to do something on the way – but more of that tomorrow!


Day 16: Arrived in Moffat – could have kept going!

Dad’s had a great day today – he’s safely in Moffat and he felt that he could have gone further (the first time we’ve heard him say that!).

Tomorrow he will be heading up to Glasgow – and it’s great that he will be accompanied by Peter Kane and some other Sustrans volunteers who will provide moral support and help him to navigate his way through Glasgow – much appreciated!

It’s been an exciting day on twitter – Jasmijn Muller is attempting to be the fastest woman to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats (and the 1000 mile record while she’s at it)- she set off early on Saturday morning, arrived in Scotland about an hour after dad and as I write she’s already heading beyond Kinross… For more information, live updates  (and her fund raising for Cancer Research UK), visit her web page:    Plus an amazing family has also completed the ride in 22 days, 3 hours and 26 minutes, making Rhoda (on a trailer bike) holder of the ‘youngest cyclist’ record!

Dad’s ride and this blog has opened up a world I didn’t know about… I’m not sure it’s enough to tempt me though, I think I’ll stick to running!


Day 14 – 53 miles and in Carlisle

Dad had a lovely evening with Jeanette and Laurie who were there to see him off in the morning – I really like this set of photos – going, going, gone!  Thanks to Alison and Steve at Summerhill guest house for their hospitality!

As mentioned yesterday, dad decided to keep to the shorter and more straight forward route  – still very hilly (especially the first 18 miles, some of which was very high).  This was a good choice as it reduced his mileage to 53 miles (he thought it would be more like 65), and made it quicker as he didn’t need to keep stopping and checking the map… total mileage now 657.

Jeanette and Laurie caught up with dad again in Shap – and shared some welcome refreshments…
Day 14.1He’s now safely arrived in Carlisle, staying with an old school friend and having a day of rest tomorrow.  When I spoke with him he was about to have a relaxing bath…

So, tomorrow will be a quiet day (there may not be a blog entry), and then on Sunday he heads into Scotland.  There has been a huge amount of support from Sustrans in Scotland and dad is likely to have company on several of his days which is fantastic – thanks to all (especially Laura White who has been helping to coordinate the offers of company and help).

I’ve also seen today on twitter that an amazing 87 year old, Donald Wells has just completed the ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats – fantastic!  He took just over 5 weeks and did it on a folding bike!  ( visit if you want to find out more about Donald’s journey).  I think dad would agree with him that it’s incredibly tough, especially doing it as an unsupported ride.

There are some amazing octogenarians out there – wouldn’t it be great to help them all get together to talk about their experiences?

Half way there and a lovely day!

First of all a photo from yesterday showing the lovely scenery (hills instead of canals!)

day 12.1

There are also some photos of dad setting off – thanks to Matthew and Helena Lewis for their hospitality and photography!  As dad was leaving, the comments was, ‘see you on your 90th…’, dad’s reply? ‘no you won’t!’  I think that despite his amazing fitness and determination he’s realising that he is pushing himself to the edge of his endurance.  It’s amazing how he keeps going.


…but he described today as a lovely and beautiful day.  There have been some huge climbs as he’s ridden to the top of the moors and over different passes.  It’s meant a lot of pushing his bike – at one point it took him 2 hours to go 7 miles… and on his way down he realised how incredibly steep some of it is, you need good brakes!  Interestingly although he found the hills of the South West endless and somewhat depressing, he finds the North West hills much more enjoyable.  And today he even managed to take a nap by a babbling brook!

He’s looked again at the route for tomorrow and decided to make it as easy as he can for himself (if anything is easy in this trip!).  He’s going to take a slightly shorter route on A roads, which will be more direct and much easier to navigate.

He had a lovely surprise tonight when he arrived at his accommodation in Sedburgh – his niece and her husband – Jeanette and Laurie Hawkes were there to greet him, so good company is on the menu for tonight!

Tomorrow I’ve been warned that it’s a long climb out of Sedburgh as he heads to Carlisle, and a day of rest before Scotland!  Good luck dad!

An easier day but damp!

Dad’s had a shorter day – only 32 miles (he expected it to be more like 50).  It’s gone well – quite wet at times and a long climb up to the top of the moor, followed by a ride down into the valley.  All good until he realised that tomorrow morning will start with a long climb back up to the top!  So he’s expecting it to be quite tough tomorrow.

No internet connection tonight so unable to send photos.  Tomorrow he heads to Sedburgh, then on to Carlisle and a rest day with friends before Scotland!