Bristol – phew!

Dad has now arrived in Bristol after a much easier day – it sounds as if he really enjoyed it and is feeling pretty good!  He was joined on some of the journey by two Sustrans riders which is great (I’ll try to get your names so we can thank you – or if you read this, please let us know!).

He’s  got company tomorrow too, so no more ‘the loneliness of the long distance cyclist’… I’m hoping Rupert or Ian will be able to take some photos and send them to me (dad has run out of data on his mobile contract so won’t be sending me more photos until the start of September!).


Tomorrow will see him cycle from Bristol to Gloucester – then on to Worcester – when you look at the map you really get a sense of moving North now!

Got a bit lost…a total of 74 miles for the day, but at least it was flat!

Dad’s had another long day, beautiful scenery but a few wrong turns which ended up adding nearly 10 miles to the total distance!

A highlight for the day was having lunch with my cousin Richard, his wife Valerie and their son Daniel in Taunton… Good to see dad smiling and looking so relaxed!

Dad with R and V day 4


Richard then helped him find the way out of Taunton on the canal path – it was a bit slow and tricky in places – especially when it came to going over bridges.  Dad opted to get off the bike and push as he had visions of ending up in the canal!

He was in good form when I spoke to him just now – and tomorrow is the easier day at about 37 miles as he heads into Bristol.  He’s very relieved to leave the hills behind him for now!

Toughest day over!

Dad had a lovely evening last night in Camelford with Paul, Veronica and Katherine – you can see he was deep in conversation – talking about the church in Ironbridge…

As expected today was REALLY hard going, especially the last 10 miles.  He’s safely there, but very tired and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.  I had thought that tomorrow was an easier day – but I’m wrong… it’s another 65 mile day…  One thing that brightened his day was meeting up with 2 fellow Land’s End to John O’Groats cyclists who took this photo on Bodmin Moor.  They’re doing the fast lane version, planning to complete in 13 days…

We’ve also just found out that an 86 year old is now on the trail having set off from Land’s End today… thanks to Bronwyn and Jonathan for forwarding this clip about Laurence.  Good luck to him, perhaps the two Octogenarians will meet en route!


Day two complete…

Dad had a lovely evening yesterday – I think the photos show that he (and PK, Hannah, Lydia and Miriam) had a lot of birthday giggles, just what you need after a hard day cycling! and thanks Simon for taking the photos!

Today has gone well – very beautiful, lots of hills at the start and then a stretch along an old railway track (the Camel Trail I think?).  He took this photo en route – arrived in Camelford and then had to retrace his steps as the hotel was out of the village!

Day 2 from dad


Apart from the scenery, the highlight of the day was one of the best sausage rolls he’s ever had, followed by a wonderful donut!  Who needs nutritional advice?!

Tonight my brother Paul (plus Veronica and Katherine) will be with him, which is lovely.  He will then set off early tomorrow for the start of the toughest day of the whole ride – 65 miles, and apparently most of it feels uphill… he will be relieved when it’s over and would appreciate prayers and positive wishes.

Thanks for your support,


Happy Birthday – Safe in Truro!

Lands EndGlad to say that dad has a good birthday and day one of his trip – a lovely Cornish start to his ride and he survived the hills!

He was delighted to be waved off by friends Bryony and Jonathan who were holidaying in Cornwall – it’s great that people were there to mark the start!  (they were able to take some photos which I’ll post up tomorrow).

He’s also lucky enough to be meeting up with my cousin PK and her family in Truro tonight for a birthday meal.

We’re also starting to raise more awareness on twitter to help fund raising.  So, if you’re a twitter user, please follow us @bikeride85 and help us by retweeting!

Day one completed – we’re on the way!


Less that 3 weeks to go…

bike tabbardTraining has been going well – in total dad has now done about twice the distance from End to End – about 2300 miles!  I spoke to him last night and he has done far more training this time than five years ago – especially on hills (there aren’t many hills to choose from close to home, some people must wonder why they keep seeing the same man going up and down!).  So, physically he’s in a good place and mentally too, as we all know he is very strong!

His bike has just been serviced and is ready for the off.  We’ve also had a couple of things printed for him to wear while cycling.  He’s looking forward to it very much though with some apprehension of course. He compares it to when he used to row – it was the time before the starting gun for a race that was the anxious time, but once you’re going it’s fine… he’s particularly looking forward to getting through Devon and Cornwall.  It’s so good that Tim will be with him through some of those tough days…

We’re now trying to increase the publicity to help the fundraising.  We have a press release and there is some local (Beccles based) activity going on – an article should be out in the Beccles and Bungay Journal next week.  If you know of a publication that would be interested in the story then please get in touch!